Add Calendar Events to Chart

Forex Factory provides an XML file which can be downloaded from the following link and then analysed:

Unfortunately I am unsure about how the format of this file will change during certain events, such as All Day events that are not holidays (e.g. ECOFIN Meetings).   For this reason, the code added to this site is not something that I consider to be complete.   It does allow the use of ‘All Day’ events, but there is no guarantee that these will appear in the ffcal_week_this.xml file.

The following MQL file should import the xml file and then display the calendar events on the relevant chart.

MQL Script:  ImportCalendarDataAndDisplayOnChart
MQL Class:  C_Chart_Drawing
MQL Class: C_Calendar_Data
MQL Class: C_Calendar
MQL Class: C_Calendar_ForexFactoryImport
XML Data: ffcal_week_this

Please see the following chart as an example:

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