Category: MQL4 – Background Info

Analysis of Historic Data

One of the main problems that I have encountered is that Brokers do not provide very much data to backtest with on the MT4 trading platform.   I decided to attempt to compare historic data for GBPUSD from other data providers to my Broker’s data. After the data has been adjusted by 6 hours to

Cyclical Pattern of Volatility

It is possible to look at how the Standard Deviation and Average True Range of a currency changes throughout the day using the following custom indicators.   They have not been designed to be efficient, instead I have concentrated on simplicity to demonstrate a point. Indicator:  ATR_AverageAndBands Indicator: StdDev_AverageAndBands Indicator:  Indicator_ATRBands The following charts show

Comparison of Broker Spread, Stop and Freeze Level

I decided that it was important to compare my current broker to at least two other brokers.   A demo account was setup and then the Spread, Stop and Freeze Level were recorded over roughly 1 day.   The following 2 Graphs show the results: The positive aspects of the second broker that I looked

Analysis of GAP Risk

Before progressing with any algorithmic trading strategy, I wanted to make a reasonable effort at evaluating a suitable strategy to limit my GAP risk should something go wrong. Firstly, I downloaded 1 minute candle data for each of the following currencies from the website and uploaded it into the MetaTrader history centre. I wanted

Record Spread, Stop and Freeze Level

This EA is designed to be run in a single graph.   The EA is run every “I_RecordPeriodInMinutes” minutes.   When run, it will scan through a list of Symbols contained within the code and record the current Spread, Stop and Freeze Level.   The results are stored in a file that takes the following format:

Maximum Spread, StopLevel and FreezeLevel

This EA is run every tick and should record the Maximum Spread, StopLevel and FreezeLevel encountered during the day.   It should be run in a candle chart greater than or equal to 1 minute and less than 1 hour.   When the candle pattern crosses over to a new day, a report of the

Market Info and Risk

This is a very basic script that will display some key market, risk and account information when dragged onto a chart.   A limited selection of parameters are used, but the script could easily be extended to display more information. MQL Code (pdf):    MarketInfoAndRisk